Since 2014, Jeff Hobbs has visited over a hundred schools to facilitate conversations about access, entitlement, racism, classism, justice, and identity in modern day America. These have included graduate schools, Ivy League universities, state universities, small liberal arts college, HBCUs, independent high schools, vo/tech high schools, urban public schools, and juvenile halls.

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Key Topics

  • Two Americas: Urban Poverty, the Ivy League, and the Heavy Toll of Living in Both
  • Race, Class, and Identity in American Universities: How Students Experience School – And One Another
  • Where Empathy is Born: Reporting Out of a Personal Story
  • Unbroken People in a Broken System: Juvenile Justice in America

Some Schools Visited

Harvard Grad School of Education, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, Hampton University, Central State University, University of Kansas, University of St. Thomas, Amherst College, Northwestern University, City University of New York, University of Chicago, Lenoir Rhyne University, University of Michigan—Flint, University of Houston Grad School for Social Work, Rutgers School of Medicine, Chandler Gilbert Community College, Dayton University School of Law, Claremont McKenna College, Gwendolyn Brooks High School, McKean High School, Great Oaks Institute of Technology, Thurgood Marshall Academy, Deerfield Academy, Kiski Prep, Berkeley Carrol School, Pembroke Hill School, Harding Academy, Mt. Pleasant High School, Ballou High School, and many more.


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